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Administrative divisions of Somalia

Administrative divisions of Somalia

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Politics and government ofSomalia

Somalia is officially divided into eighteen (18) administrative regions (gobollada, singulargobol),
which in turn are subdivided into ninety (90) districts (degmooyin, singular degmo).
On a de facto basis, northern Somalia is now divided up among
the autonomous regions of Puntland (which considers itself an autonomous state)
and Somaliland (a self-declared but un-recognized sovereign state).
 In central Somalia, Galmudug is another regional entity that emerged just south of Puntland.
 For these post-civil war divisions, see States and regions of Somalia.

Awdal Region

Bakool Region

Banaadir Region

Bari Region

Bay Region

Galguduud Region

Gedo Region

Hiiraan Region

Middle Juba Region

Lower Juba Region

Mudug Region

Nugaal Region

Sanaag Region

Middle Shabele Region

Lower Shabele Region

Sool Region

Togdheer Region

Woqooyi Galbeed Region

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